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Club Members

Debbie and Rick Krasley
Connie Unger
Gloria Boyle
Ellen Van Embren
Terry Hilliard
Cindy Meyer
Lori Wintz
Linda Roeschmann
Rick Buterbaugh
Frank DePaulo
Lynne Kuczynski Veazie
Bodil Aczel
Erin Bruch
Dominic DiBalsi
Janie Hecker


Jennifer Price- Mwenje Ridgebacks
Phyllis Ensley Photography
Steve Surfman Photography
Ildiko Repasi-Catskill Pumis(CAT)
Marika Foreman(CAT, Fast CAT)/MlBaer Photography
MlBaer Photography(CAT)
Paul and Lois Obelcz(Whippet Coursing)


Ildiko Repasi - Catskill Pumi
Marika Foreman
Martine Sansoucy Photography

Field Events

Jeanne Grimm(Retriever, Flushing)
Kathy Poole-Price(Flushing)
Richard Reynolds(Earthdog)
Wendy Bockman(Field Events, Flushing)

Companion Sports

Anna Schwartz(Agility)
Kimberly Gerald(Agility)
Brooke Durnin(4-6 Beginner Puppy)
Rich Knecht(Companion Sport, Agility)
Alan and Anita Dengler(Agility)
Ray Baycar(Weaves, Agility)

Other Events

Karacel Hayman(Barn Hunt)
Ray and Jodi DeLabar(Diving)
Kimberly Gerald(Breeder Infomation, OHS)


Abigail Van Meter(Junior Showmanship)
Alan and Anita Dengler(OHS)
Marika Forman(OHS)

Professional Credits

Our Team

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