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The History of the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club, Inc.

The history of the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club as we know it...

In 1963, the kennel club had monthly meetings on a Thursday night at the Pilot's Club across from the ABE Airport. It was a small group that met. Bob Bohrer and Donald Walt both held the President's position.

Members included Bob Bohrer(Great Danes), Donald Walt(Poodles), The Brader's(Cocker Spaniels), Florence Green(Pugs), Alma Arnold(German Shepherd Dogs), Bert and Jay Schafer( Spatterdash Dalmatians), Marty and Michelle Weitzman(Dalmatians), Lorraine Groshans(Borzoi), Sandy King(Standard Poodles) and Pat Lane(Cocker Spaniels).

The club put on their own shows, club members tied ropes together and built the rings themselves. Emmaus Park was the location for the Match Show and September Point Show.

The History of Canine Learning Experience

Kendall Herr, Joanne Hachten and Elizabeth Muthard were the originators of CLE. They were horse people and always attended the American Quarter Horse Association's Congress in Columbus OH, which was an educational event for horse people in general. They thought why couldn't we do something like that for the general dog world. As they discussed this further they decided that they needed a name for the event, hence Canine Learning Experience, hoping it would be an "experience" for all. The club at the time was not crazy about the idea and they were told if they could get money they could go ahead. They got Alpo to sponsor it and begged the Fairgrounds guys to let us have the building if we split the gate.

Day one was always speakers and demos. Local breed clubs would have breed booths with dogs there for people to meet.

The puppy match was in the evening and they got famous handlers of the day to judge---the Forsythes, Peter Green, Roy Holloway, etc.

The breed show was the next day. PA Federation of dog clubs had a magazine and they did an article about the weekend.

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