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Lehigh Valley Kennel Club Code of Ethics

I will become familiar with, and will abide by the rules of the American Kennel Club and the AKC Standard of my breed(s).

I will strive in my breeding program to improve the breed to conform more closely to the Standard.

I shall not engage in the wholesaling of litters or the selling of stock to such places as pet dealers, catalogue houses, or other commercial sources of distribution. Nor shall I engage in over-breeding of my own bitches for profit, I shall not engage in breeding with no regard for quality.

I will offer at public stud only those dogs, which in my judgment are an attribute to the breed and will allow their use only for pure-bred registered litters.

A puppy or adult showing a serious deviation from the Standard, rendering it unsuitable for breeding, shall be neutered or sold without papers. This shall be clearly understood by the buyer and I shall have a signed statement to that effect.

All other puppies or adults shall be registered or eligible for registration with the AKC and the purchaser shall be provided with accurate and valid papers. All puppies and adults shall be sold in a clean and healthy condition and shall be old enough to make the necessary adjustment to a new home safely. No adult or puppy shall be sold without adequate protection against disease.

I shall not use the Club for personal gain or profit.

In the event of a complaint lodged against me with the LVKC, I agree to extend my cooperation in the resolution of said complaint.

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