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Why Join the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club?

Do you want to be energized by engaging with your dog and with friends?

At the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club (LVKC), you will find a whole group of people who love dogs and love to talk about dogs and dog issues. It is a caring group of people who will extend their friendship to you. We will help you try to solve any issues or answer some of your questions.

What do we do?

We enjoy our dogs and the people connected with them. The LVKC holds two American Kennel Club all-breed and obedience/rally dog shows in September and December. You can be an esteemed part of these events. There are many leadership roles you can fill at the shows. It is really great to know and connect with members at the shows where everyone cheers everyone on. Knowing so many people at the shows helps to make it an enjoyable event where the public is invited.

Another great activity is our Bark Around the Park, which is designed to encourage all the public to come, participate and learn about dogs. It is a great way to get out of the house in May. There are dog shows, obedience matches and rallies. There are also demonstrations and programs to support dog owners. It is another fun event that you can be totally engaged as a member of the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club.

As members, we celebrate our AKC achievements by having a very special Awards and Membership Appreciation Dinner in the spring. It is a celebration where we honor not only those who earned AKC titles, but also all of the members who participated by contributing their time and hard work to keep our high level of quality and commitment to our events. It is really special to have a large group of same-minded people cheering all of your successes. In order to support your success, we offer “Handling Classes” once a week that run all year long. These classes are so valuable to you and your dog. Our experienced instructors teach you and your dog how to show in the ring. It supports young puppies that are learning what to do and owners who want to look more professional in the ring. It also helps with the maintenance of experienced handlers and show dogs. Again, another component is the socializing before, during and after the classes. Your dogs also find new buddies “to follow”.

If you want to join of group of dog lovers who supports our community, then joining the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club is for you. We have strong ties to our community by offering annual scholarships for those pursuing a career in veterinary care. We also donate to various dog related organization such as our local K-9 Units and veteran service dog organizations. Our public education committee also offers programs for young and old alike. Our members like giving back to the community where and when they can.

In the summer when our meetings are suspended, we have a fantastic party/picnic. Friends and dogs are invited. We spend a pleasant afternoon and early evening sharing our successes and challenges we may have.

During the rest of the year, we have our monthly meetings that are invaluable. Before each meeting, we have an educational program such as “What do you do in case of a disaster?” or demonstrations by breeders about the AKC standards for their breeds. Following the program, we begin our meeting where we have updates and discussions on important club issues. We celebrate our dogs’ achievements at the end of every meeting and on our website’s Winner Circle.

Each member joins for lots of different reasons, but the one thing we all have in common are our dogs. So if you want to join a great group of dog lovers, then come and join our Lehigh Valley Kennel Club.

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