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Job Descriptions

Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Club and the Board and of all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Club.

1. General Meetings:

 Take minutes send copy to BARKS editor by 15th of each month
 Original to go in minutes file (sign approval and date when approved)

2. Board Meetings:


 Take minutes and include attendees

 Mail copy of minutes to each board member before the next meeting
 File the original and sign approval and date when approved

3. Maintain all club records including the filing of annual correspondence.

From the LVKC Bylaws:

The President will preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board and shall have the duties and powers normally appurtenant to the office of the President in addition to those particularly specified in these Bylaws. President may also sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer. He/She must be bonded in such amount as determined annually by the Board.

1. Run General Business Meetings

 1st Thursday of each month except July and August
 Make sure program chair begins program at 7:30 pm
 Start meeting at 8:00 pm
 Follow “Procedure” to run meeting
 Enforce “no smoking” Standing Rule
 Introduce Membership Chairperson and welcome guests at start of each meeting
 Schedule meetings and banquets with venue for entire year each November (sign a contract if necessary)
 Arrange to have coffee and water at each meeting
 Arrange to have chairs for 60-80 people and a head table for officers
 Ensure that venue direct bills the Treasurer for all charges for meetings and banquets

2. Schedule and Run Board Meetings

 Need a meeting room that holds 12 people; make monthly reservations
 Compose agenda and provide to Corresponding Secretary (along with time, place, date, and any reference material that the Board should have ahead of time) at least 10 days prior to the meeting
 Bylaws require 6 Board meetings per year
 Any special guests to Board meetings must come at the beginning and leave before conducting regular business
 Dinner can be provided for attendees—attempt to schedule next meeting before adjourning the current meeting  It is advisable to have the Corresponding Secretary compose a list of action items and send with agenda prior to the next meeting

3. Name committee chairpersons by September after taking office. Publish a list for Board members to review and approve and reference at a later date.
4. Work with Audit Committee chairperson to ensure that audit of books occurs prior to the official start of the newly elected officers (July).
5. Have dues for the following year proposed by the Board by February 15th. Dues are finalized at the March General Meeting by vote of general membership.
6. Write a President’s Message each month and deliver to the BARKS editor by the 15th of the month.
7. Oversee all committees and make sure that all activities are being planned and run properly. Ensure that all items requiring Board review and/or approval is presented to the Board.
8. Have the Board appoint a Nomination Committee Chairperson and propose committee members by February 1st. Nominees for the Board must be named by March 1st and presented to the membership at the March general meeting. See the Bylaws for all other election process requirements.
9. Ensure that all activities required by the Bylaws and Standing Rules are conducted properly and in timely fashion.

These include:
 Membership list revised by June general meeting
 Standing Rules updated and issued annually (June)
 Dues are paid or else appropriate action taken
 Board vacancies are filled promptly per Bylaws
 Board hearings are scheduled and run appropriately
 Ensure that life member nominees are identified and approved by the Board by March 1

10. Work with Treasurer to:

 Monitor spending versus budget
 Propose and obtain Board approval of an annual Club budget
 Manage finances
 Be bonded and write checks as required
11. Be thoroughly familiar with, and enforce, Club Bylaws and Standing Rules. Read Robert’s Rules to understand parliamentary rules for meetings.

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