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Ellen VanEmben
We held the LVKC ANNUAL PICNIC and AWARDS PRESENTATION Yesterday. Weather was Warm and humid but nice next to the stream. We all just enjoyed each others company. Thank you to everyone who brought such a beautiful array of food. Thank you to Jim for his expert grilling. And thanks for the early bird helpers. This is always the highlight of our summer. I would love any suggestions to help make this event your favorite too. Next year it would be nice to have an assigned photographer.
This year we also held our Appreciation and Awards Dinner at the picnic. Janie Hecker spread out a beautiful presentation. We loved honoring our members dogs achevments. Amazing how well our determined members are at handling this challenging time. Thank you Janie and Congratulations to all the deserving recipients. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you next year.

Lehigh Valley Kennel Club Picnic Saturday, August 17, 2019

Photographs submitted by club members Ellen Van Embden, Bobbie Dunkling & Connie Unger

Lehigh Valley Kennel Club's Summer Picnic

August 18th the club held our annual “LVKC PICNIC”. We have had a rough summer, however today turned out to be warm and humid but no rain, and a cool breeze. The park has added a horse shoe court and refinished the tables. It would be hard to find a more perfect location for our picnic. Thank you Mary.

JoAnn and Bobbie arrived early to help set tables and arrange the food. Ed hung the banner and we were ready to party. Everyone donated a covered dish and this years collection was amazing. Jim did his imitation of a grill chef and no one went away hungry.
For me the best part was everyone sitting around talking and reconnecting with good friends. Thank you to everyone for making this a very successful picnic, we wouldn’t have had as much fun without you.

 Fran Jarvis
Summer Picnic Chairperson


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